Hunny, I love this simple life.

I rolled over this morning and admired your profile. The bridge of your nose. Your curled lashes cascading over tired eyes.

I put my hand on your waist and pulled you closer, to face me.

That first look, that first awakening kiss; they’re simple.

I look forward to that.

It’s our 6-year wedding anniversary. We could be on a beach somewhere, soaking up the sun, drinking tropical drinks with no plans. We could be indulging in a fancy dinner with ridiculous desserts and unending, costly wine.

But here we are. It’s 6:15 in the morning. We’re surrounded by the sounds of our almost 3-year-old singing “Down By the Bay” and gleeful chatter and crib kicks from our littlest on the monitor at our bedside. One dog has my feet pinned, as the other begs to bust out of the room.

But I’m looking at you, and my heart is so warm. I’m so in love, still, and this is what I look forward to. This simple life.

Today could be extravagant, and I do miss traveling with you, and our honeymoon out of the country, and leaving on a whim with no destination in mind, but…today we will be here. We’ll get groceries and change diapers and pull weeds in the garden. We’ll cook a nice dinner together, maybe put the kids to bed early and snuggle up on the couch with dark chocolate and a bottle of wine, listen to songs from the days we fell in love, watch our wedding day on video, talk, and laugh.

I look forward to that.

I don’t need all the bells and whistles. (Our life is noisy enough, right?) I don’t need a getaway, even though some days I say I do. Sure, it would be nice and maybe we will do that sometime soon, but until then, just know that I love our simple life.

Sometimes we forget that we have a lot right here. It’s easy to forget those things when you look back at all that’s happened. We get caught up in work, lack of sleep, meal planning and prepping and serving, stress of parenthood and doing the right thing and sometimes the wrong thing, chores and dishes and dirty laundry, all of it. That’s a lot to get wrapped up in.

But today, I took a second to step back and listen. I listened to my body, my heart, my mind. I legitimately got butterflies this morning, looking at you, knowing it’s Saturday, and you’re here all day, the kids are happy, and we have no plans. What more could I ask for? What more could I want?

I wanted you to know this. I wanted to remind myself, too, that I’ve got a lot, right here. And it’s OK to live and love this simple life.

And hunny, when we do go on that getaway someday…maybe for a few days, maybe a week…maybe we’ll be oceanside, maybe we stay at a ritzy resort and eat fancy food…whatever it may be, whenever that may be…just know that even then, I truly most look forward to coming home…to our simple life.

I look forward to that most.

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